Jaan Tõnisson Institute: A Brief Overview

Founding of JTI. On the picture among the others appear Jüri Luik, Mart Nutt, 
Avo Kiir and Mart Laar.

Jaan Tõnisson Institute (JTI) carries out research programmes and organizes different conferences, seminars and training sessions for teachers, politicians, governmental officials on national or local scale and for the members and workers of non-governmental organizations.

To enhance the democratic values in the society, JTI has developed tuition programmes of civic education and human rights, and has composed tuition materials on this subject for schools and for the public. JTI has focused especially on the issues of migration, multiculturality and -nationality in Estonia.

Jaan Tõnisson Institute collaborates with many partners both from Estonia and abroad and does not recieve any funding from the government. It has published numerous books and videofilms.

Jaan Tõnisson Institute has also been active in dealing with the issues of nonprofit sector and civic society for creating favorable environment of activity for the organisations. Fields of activity of the Institute have been also Human Rights, integrity, free market economy.

As during the period of Estonia's regained independence the urgent needs for support to democratic changes in the society were met, since the second decade of this century the main focus of activities of JTI has been turned to the sphere on development cooperation. Institute has become more an expert and know-how institution open to cooperation on the traditional fields of our activities with domestic and international partners. 

The work of JTI is coordinated by its executive.